KMC | Kelley Management Consulting, Inc.

What We Do

Grow Long-term Strategic and Economic Value

KMC partners with you to develop and implement strategies to grow the long term strategic and economic value of your business.  Your strategy (whether it's explicit and documented, or just "understood,") represents your unique blend of what your plans "say," the way resources are allocated to what you "do," and what you "believe" the future holds.  We have found the key to improving performance is analyzing with you what you Say, Do & Believe. Misalignment in any of those creates trapped value – and unlocking it dramatically improves performance.

Your strategy, whether it's written down of just "implied", is in effect right now - it is the collective impact of what you say, do and believe.  What is your Baseline Strategy?

Process management is a means, not an end. Too often the tools and methods become the focus – not the results. How do your processes focus on results?

Leadership Teams won't always agree, but truly successful teams are aligned - in what they say, do, and believe.  How aligned is your team?

No "box and wire" organization design ever solved anything by itself. Focusing on "reorg" can overlook a more effective (and simpler) starting point – How clear are the decision rights?