KMC | Kelley Management Consulting, Inc.

What We Do

Focus on Core Elements of Your Business

We work with you by focusing on one or more of the elements of your business.

Each client's path forward includes a unique blend of opportunities and challenges across the elements—our offerings are built to help develop yours.

What defines a good Strategy?

  • Clear vision with differentiated customer and market goals
  • Plans are value-based, realistic and adaptable
  • Actions are logically sequenced and integrated
  • Results and risks are monitored and managed

Strategic Focus

  • Your "baseline strategy" is the sum product of what you say, do and believe today—whether that's formal or just "implied."
  • We begin with a specified approach for evaluating your baseline strategy—to identify the opportunities and potential misalignment between what you say, do and believe as a Leadership Team.  The result is path forward for improvement

What defines a good Process orientation?

  • Core processes are specified and measured, driving speed
  • Processes link across the value chain and adhere to documented standards
  • Outcomes are specified and consistently achieved
  • Deviation is continuously addressed—including adapting processes where appropriate

Process Discipline

  • The best way to address process is to address a critical issue—so the outcome is results, not just an updated process.
  • We begin with a focused approach to a specific issue, built on our adaptation of the "Kaizen" methodology.  The outcome drives immediate impact, as we work with you to address broader opportunities in the process element of your business.

What defines a good Organization?

  • Clear and well-defined work scope
  • Commitment and collaboration, to promote sustainability
  • Capabilities to enable success
  • Management actions that reinforce strategy

Organization Alignment

  • Good organization is an enabler, not a driver of success.  Your organization must align based on what it needs to enable.
  • We begin not with the organization design, but with the decision rights the organization exists to support.  We apply our "say, do, believe" approach to evaluate decision rights clarity and alignment—and frame actionable opportunities.

What defines good Leadership behavior?

  • Establish and support clear priorities
  • Promote solidarity and commitment
  • Empower employees to achieve results
  • Update direction based on new insights

Leadership Intent

  • Being a good Leadership Team is an ongoing process, because your Leadership environment is always changing.
  • We begin by evaluating critical Leadership behaviors—what you "say, do and believe."  By helping you understand your Team through the experiences of your employees, we help you find opportunities to build more alignment and success.