KMC | Kelley Management Consulting, Inc.

How We Work

Our work with you is characterized throughout by a focus on you, your team and your organization. We know that people are ultimately the key to making the changes that unlock your trapped value. Our unique approach to consulting is focused on helping you and your people succeed. Working with the KMC team, our clients experience trusted advisors and experts in transformational change. The unique elements below are core to our role in your success. They describe how we work with you to insure you and your team achieve lasting results.

"I've worked with a range of consulting firms, large and small, and KMC is truly unique. All consultants try to help clients with smart analysis and content expertise - and KMC certainly does that very well. But I have found that's not enough. KMC understands better than any other firm I know that the key to true return on the consulting investment is getting an executive team to embrace change and take action. Value comes from implemented results, and KMC's approach is built to make that happen -- even in the most complex business environments. There's no better consulting investment than one with KMC."

— Karen Mendelsohn, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Masco Corporation

Focus and Align

  • Separate myth from fact, and link your actions to clear impact on the business
  • Develop a shared understanding and "buy-in" among your team and constituents

Coach and Team

  • Challenge biases based on our alternative perspectives, and constructive candor
  • Blend the right mix of resources—yours and ours—into a powerfully unified group

Simplify and Sustain

  • Simplify complex issues, frame and solve problems pragmatically
  • Deploy structured program management and implementation tracking metrics to insure long term results