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Case Studies

"The task of increasing our strategic collaboration with this customer was highly complex, both tactically and politically. The KMC team did a superb job providing genuine leadership to both of us. The customer team truly adopted KMC as part of their team. From a personal standpoint, KMC is a real pleasure to work with."

— Kevin Buckner, President, Liberty Hardware

A Fortune 500 manufacturer of home improvement and building products wanted to differentiate itself with one of it's strategic retail customers through collaboration that would yield improved merchandising efficiency and thus increase sales and profitability for both partners.

The KMC team helped both parties identify ways to advantage one another by sharing data-driven insights about a product category-- diagnosing opportunities for optimized mix and assortment as well as improving the process for floor replenishment. The team designed new assortments to enhance category sales as well as enhanced placement for the client's product within that assortment.

Year over year adjusted sales tripled, inventory costs were halved and turnover doubled resulting in a doubling of client profit for dozens of items. A clear win for both parties.