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Case Studies

"KMC has been instrumental in working with the organization to drive the needed organizational changes. Their focus has been on aligning the organization on the key opportunities where change is to occur. They work to build consensus to drive the needed changes. They are able to influence the organization to discover the path of change in a structured process. This has helped to quickly evolve the organization."

— Aaron L. Wetzel, VP Sales and Marketing Latin America, Agriculture and Turf Division, Deere & Company

A Fortune 100 global market leader needed to develop and execute aligned strategies and processes in order to grow a customer base in the face of aggressive, low-cost new global competitive entrants, and to build market share profitably outside of the home market.

The KMC team worked with executive champions to develop and implement a global tool to rapidly identify trapped value and develop growth strategies. Teams of regional and handpicked future leaders in multiple geographic and functional areas were led by the KMC team in developing strategic ambitions, paths and milestones, each culminating in measurable goals. Specific objectives for projects on the strategic paths were defined together with local and/or unit-based teams in each region to unlock specific trapped value.

Unit after unit defined, implemented and achieved their developmental, structural and ultimately, their quantitative goals. The units also developed an ability to adjust course and align resources more rapidly at the regional level using the KMC team's newly structured approach. Geographic market shares increased, asset levels were reduced, parts and attachment sales grew while profitability soared. The "strategic paths" method introduced by KMC became the single most powerful tool for leadership and middle management to eliminate redundant projects, cascade strategic planning, and give special attention to new growth opportunities both for the company and its talented future leaders.