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Case Studies

"KMC is different. They worked with my team and me to completely re-draw and implement new sales territories across the US and Canada, while combining two sales and support teams from two separate divisions and optimizing fixed costs at the same time. It was a great success that still pays dividends for us today... I'd recommend them to anyone."

— John Lagemann, VP, Sales & Marketing, Deere & Company, Agriculture and Turf Division

A multi-national Fortune 100 company needed collaboration across two separate divisions in order to optimize the two separate sales organizations serving customer segments that increasingly overlapped.

The KMC team worked with the vice presidents of sales from both divisions to help align their teams around the need for change and to build the right organizational design. The team implemented a re-drawn set of sales territories and divisions across the U.S. and Canada for a $10 billion channel that included the reassignment of sales teams, supporting infrastructure and functional activities. The KMC team engaged a cross-functional team of more than 30 employees and leaders to develop the result, and to plan and execute the implementation—focusing on clear accountabilities, cross-Division collaboration and an open, change-management culture.

The client reduced aggregate headcount and other fixed sales costs across the channel by 15% within one year of full implementation while helping drive and support 20% growth in sales during the same period.